Our Girls

Cockapoos Buckinghamshire

This is our beautiful Sansa, a KC registered orange roan sable show type Cocker Spaniel. We were very lucky to find Sansa, who was being rehomed at only four months old due to being constantly attacked and threatened by the other dogs in the family.  Although a little nervous of our other dogs for a day or two, Sansa quickly realised that no one was going to hurt her here and quickly gained confidence.     Sansa has a particularly beautiful long silky show coat.  She is a very loyal little girl who loves nothing better than to be by my side.  She loves everyone and has the most loving, quiet easy temperament. She took immediately to motherhood and is a very loving and attentive little mother.  Sansa is prcd-PRA and FN clear by genetics.

Her beautiful daughter Poppy is retained here.  Sansa has now retired.

Cockapoos Buckinghamshire

Meet Caoimhe, KC registered show type Cocker Spaniel.   Her name is Irish and  means “gentle, beautiful, precious” and it suits her down to the ground.  Full of life and love, Caoimhe is affectionate and loving to everyone.  She came to us as an eight week old puppy together with her sister Chloe.  She has proved to be an excellent mother and when she is not caring for her little ones Caoimhe enjoys her time in the fields with us in all weathers.  The colours in her coat produce the most beautiful colours in her puppies – she has had goldens, reds and also the unusual and sought after colour phantom.  This is inherited from her tricolour spaniel mother. Caoimhe is prcd-PRA clear and FN clear by genetics.

Caoimhe has now retired, having had her final litter in September 2020.

Cockapoos Buckinghamshire

This is Chloe, sister to Caoimhe, KC registered show type Cocker Spaniel.   Equally beautiful and kind, Chloe has the most beautiful deep golden sable coat.  In this photo she had been recently clipped –  Caoimhe and Chloe do have a long show type coat – perhaps not quite as long and fluffy as Amber, Sansa and Leah but this makes no difference to the quality of their puppies’ coats, which are beautifully soft and wavy. Chloe is also a wonderful attentive little mother.  Although she has a golden coat she produces the same variation of colours as her sister Caoimhe as they carry the same colours in their genes. Chloe is prcd-PRA clear and FN clear by genetics. Chloe has now retired.

Cockapoos Buckinghamshire

Amber is a first class example of a show type cocker spaniel.  Her lovely orange roan long silky coat is truly beautiful but we do clip it off !  She had just been clipped when this photo was taken.  We do tend to clip our cockers both summer and winter.  In winter they are outside with us a great deal and get very wet with long thick coats which take forever to dry.   We find they are better off clipped shorter and wearing a little waterproof when out. In summer of course they get so hot in their full coats.  As we don’t show, we clip for comfort and cleanliness all year round.

Amber has the most loving kind temperament, quiet, sensible and very easy going.  Amber found motherhood quite a shock on her first attempt, but second time around she is handling it like a true pro! Her lighter coat seems to predominate and her puppies have all been a lighter champagne/Apricot colour with very attractive little splashes of white on the head.  Amber, along with all our others, has been with us since she was an 8 week old puppy. Amber is prcd-PRA clear and also FN clear by genetics – neither of her parents carry the gene.

Amber has now retired as of December 2020

Poppy is the most beautiful example of an Apricot F1 Cockapoo.  She was bred here from Sansa and Jesse,  who are both Kennel Club registered.  She has the most magnificent soft wavy coat and a lovely temperament.  A loyal little girl who loves nothing more than to be with you but doesn’t make a fuss if she isn’t.  Loves life and everyone she meets.

Poppy’s dam Sansa is genetically clear of prcd-PRA and FN and her sire Jesse has 9 clear DNA tests.

Poppy has had her own DNA tests done and we are delighted to confirm that she now has her own DNA clear certificates for prcd-PRA, von Willebrand Disease and FN.

Poppy is now expecting her second litter in late September/early October 2021.  These will be F1b – the sire being Jam, our adorable new  KC registered, DNA tested Toy Poodle.

Little Leah is not so little now!  She is just delightful.  She is a show type cocker spaniel with a lovely deep chocolate sable coat which just grows and grows!   Her coat had been clipped a few weeks before this picture was taken but was already starting to grow back.

Leah is incredibly kind and gentle, full of fun and extremely smart.  She is an excellent and attentive little mother and we are hoping she will produce a second litter for us towards the end of 2021, having missed in the Spring.    She is is KC registered, prcd-PRA clear and FN clear by genetics.

Lexi is a beautiful show type cocker spaniel.  Our favoured colour, orange roan.  She was the only orange roan in her litter so we were hopeful that she carried other colours too. We were not disappointed!  Lexi’s first litter born at the beginning of October was a lovely mix of Apricots with splashes of white, Red, Black & Tan and Phantom.  We are hoping for another litter from Lexi during the early part of 2022.

Lexi is a lovely sensitive, kind and affectionate little girl who loves a cuddle.

Lexi is Kennel Club registered and we have DNA tested her for prcd-PRA,  FN and AMS and she was clear in all.

She was 2 years old on June 30th 2020 and we are looking forward to a litter from her on her next season.

Our Boys

Cockapoos Buckinghamshire

Introducing Teddy.  Born January 2016 he has been with us since he was 8 weeks old.  A red bouncing bundle of fun, he is an excellent stud dog. He is an absolute joy.  He gets on well with all other dogs, male or female, and lives happily alongside our other entire poodle.  His temperament is truly perfect. Not only that but he is super good looking too.  Teddy really does have it all!  Genetically clear of prcd-PRA but we also had him tested to acquire an Optigen certificate.  Along with Jesse, he has been tested clear for 9 conditions in total.  Full details on the Stud Dogs page.

Both Teddy and Jesse are available to outside bitches, so take a look at the Stud Services section.  If you are looking for a stud poodle in Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Berkshire or anywhere in the M40 corridor we are very easy to access.

Cockapoos Buckinghamshire

Here is Jesse.  We waited for Jesse for eighteen months, having chosen him for his breeding very carefully.  He is a direct great grandson of our first stud Poodle, Milandia Captain Scarlet (Sacha) who sadly passed away in April 2018.  He looks just like him and he has inherited Sacha’s wonderful temperament.  I know I seem to mention temperament a great deal, but it really is the most important quality of all breeding dogs.  Jesse is a little smaller than Teddy and is an ideal size to cross with the smaller breeds such as Maltese or Yorkshire Terriers.

Jesse came to us when he was 8 weeks old. He was born in July 2017 while we were at the Calgary Stampede in Canada so we felt he should have a cowboy name.  He is clear of prcd-PRA.  This is most important as prcd-PRA is found in many breeds.  It is recessive, so as both Jesse and Teddy are clear they cannot produce affected puppies regardless of whether the dam of the puppies carries the mutation.  He has been DNA tested clear for 9 conditions in total, the same tests as Teddy.  Full details are on the Stud Dogs page.

Cockapoos Buckinghamshire

It is with huge sadness that I write this one.  Our beautiful Sacha (Milandia Captain Scarlet) passed away in April 2018.  He was 14 years of age.  He had been with us since the age of 8.  We acquired him from some very dear friends and to them we will be forever grateful.  He produced the most stunning puppies for us for 6 years.  He was such a loyal and loving little dog, always by my side.  He is very much missed, but his legacy lives on in little Jesse.

I have not included all the Kennel Club details of our Redkite dogs but they are available on request and all paperwork can be seen here.  Copies are also provided with puppies.  There have been cases of “identity theft” whereby puppies have been sold using my stud dog’s KC name and health testing details when they were not his puppies. This occurred with Sacha (Milandia Captain Scarlet).  I keep records of visiting bitches so I can always verify which puppies have been sired by Teddy and Jesse.