Our Girls

Cockapoos Buckinghamshire

Leah is just delightful.  She is a show type cocker spaniel with a lovely deep chocolate  coat which just grows and grows!   Her coat had been clipped a few weeks before this picture was taken but was already starting to grow back.  Leah is KC registered.

Leah is incredibly kind and gentle, full of fun and extremely smart.  She is an excellent and attentive little mother and we are hoping she will produce a  litter for us towards the end of 2021, having missed in the Spring.    She is is KC registered, prcd-PRA clear and FN clear by genetics.

Introducing our two beautiful sisters, Heather and Daisy.  Heather and Daisy came to us in the Spring of 2020 and what a breath of fresh air they were in the middle of all the madness!  They are litter sisters but so very different.  Heather is orange roan – a heavier  “leg at each corner” type.  Daisy is deep Red and much sleeker and lighter of build.  Both have the  spaniel loving and loyal nature.  Daisy is full of mischief whilst Heather is much more straightforward!  Such different little characters but we adore them both.  We look forward to seeing what puppies they will produce in the future but for now they are just enjoying being puppies – learning about life and the world around them and who wants to play with them and who doesn’t!  Heather and Daisy are both KC registered

Cockapoos Buckinghamshire

Poppy is the most beautiful example of an Apricot F1 Cockapoo.  She was bred here from Sansa (now retired) and Jesse,  who are both Kennel Club registered.  She has the most magnificent soft wavy coat and a lovely temperament.  A loyal little girl who loves nothing more than to be with you but doesn’t make a fuss if she isn’t.  Loves life and everyone she meets.

Poppy’s dam Sansa is genetically clear of prcd-PRA and FN and her sire Jesse has 9 clear DNA tests, but Poppy has had  DNA tests done and we are delighted to confirm that she has clear certificates for prcd-PRA, von Willebrand Disease and FN.

Poppy  has proved to be an excellent mother.  Her puppies are F1b – the sire being Jam, our adorable new  KC registered, DNA tested Toy Poodle.


Cockapoos Buckinghamshire

Lexi is a beautiful show type cocker spaniel.  Our favoured colour, orange roan.  She was the only orange roan in her litter so we were hopeful that she carried other colours too. We were not disappointed!  Lexi’s first litter born in the autumn of  2021 was a lovely mix of Apricots with splashes of white, Red, Black & Tan and Phantom.

Lexi is a lovely sensitive, kind and affectionate little girl who loves a cuddle.

Lexi is Kennel Club registered and we have DNA tested her for prcd-PRA,  FN and AMS and she was clear in all.


Our Boys

Cockapoos Buckinghamshire

We were so fortunate to acquire Jam earlier this year, having used him for Poppy’s litter in 2020.  Jam is a Red Toy Poodle now standing at stud here and producing litters for us.  He has settled in beautifully.  He really is the most lovely little chap.  He has a super temperament – so affectionate and loving.  His favourite place is on the sofa next to us!

Jam was imported from Russia by his previous owner who also carried out his DNA testing.   He is KC registered in the UK and DNA tested clear of prcd-PRA, DM, von Willebrand disease Type I, Neonatal Encephalopathy (NE),  and rcd4 PRA/LOPRA.  As he is a Toy poodle he has also been tested for Patella Luxation.

Both Jam and Jesse are available to outside bitches, so take a look at the Stud Services section.  If you are looking for a stud poodle in Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Berkshire or anywhere in the M40 corridor we are very easy to access.

Cockapoos Buckinghamshire

Here is Jesse.  We waited for Jesse for eighteen months, having chosen him for his breeding very carefully.  He is a direct great grandson of our first stud Poodle, Milandia Captain Scarlet (Sacha) who sadly passed away in April 2018.  He looks just like him and he has inherited Sacha’s wonderful temperament.  I know I seem to mention temperament a great deal, but it really is the most important quality of all breeding dogs.

Jesse came to us when he was 8 weeks old. He was born in July 2017 while we were at the Calgary Stampede in Canada so we felt he should have a cowboy name.  He is clear of prcd-PRA.  This is most important as prcd-PRA is found in many breeds.  It is recessive, so as both Jesse and Jam are clear they cannot produce affected puppies regardless of whether the dam of the puppies carries the mutation.  He has been DNA tested clear for 9 conditions in total,  Full details are on the Stud Dogs page.

Cockapoos Buckinghamshire

It is with huge sadness that I write this one.  Our beautiful Sacha (Milandia Captain Scarlet) passed away in April 2018.  He was 14 years of age.  He had been with us since the age of 8.  We acquired him from some very dear friends and to them we will be forever grateful.  He produced the most stunning puppies for us for 6 years.  He was such a loyal and loving little dog, always by my side.  He is very much missed, but his legacy lives on in little Jesse.

I have not included all the Kennel Club details of our Redkite dogs but they are available on request and all paperwork can be seen here.  Copies are also provided with puppies.  There have been cases of “identity theft” whereby puppies have been sold using my stud dog’s KC name and health testing details when they were not his puppies. This occurred with Sacha (Milandia Captain Scarlet).  I keep records of visiting bitches so I can always verify which puppies have been sired by Jesse and Jam.