My list is now full and I cannot take any more applications to join the list at this time.  This may change, so please contact me at the end of October for an update.

 Price for all puppies is £3,000.

The process for those wishing to welcome a Redkite puppy into their home is as follows:

Once a litter is confirmed expected

  1.  Please telephone for a quick chat if we have not already spoken – otherwise an email will do to confirm your continued interest.     I will not be accepting applications for the list via message or email.
  2.  I will then send you a short form to complete with your contact details, family background etc.  This should be completed and sent back via email.
  3.  I will then update you once puppies are born
  4. Visits will take place once puppies are around a month old.  No deposits are required until viewing.

Before calling,  please read the notes below.

Details of family background, ages of children, work hours and patterns will be required.    We do not home puppies to full time workers.  There MUST be someone at home most of the day to care for a puppy and that person should be willing to engage with this.  The family member undertaking the care and training of the puppy must come to view please.    Our puppies are homed as pet dogs and not for breeding or assistance work unless by arrangement with a qualified trainer.

We no longer home puppies to families with children under 5 except to experienced dog owners, where there is already a dog in the family and the children are familiar with dogs and confident around them.

Please note that whilst Cockapoos are often low to non shedding, there is no guarantee of this.  Therefore if you have allergies it is best to test these beforehand with contact with dogs with similar coat types.  If you do have mild allergies an F1b puppy would be more likely to suit, but there is no guarantee that any Cockapoo is hypoallergenic.

I am licensed with my local authority with a 5 Star standard.  My puppies are born and raised in the home with every care and attention and socialised according to The Puppy Plan.  If you require any further information please give me a call or email.

It has been noted sadly that due to demand for puppies currently some are quickly being resold on the internet for higher prices.  Our prices must be such that this does not happen. If it is necessary to rehome Redkite puppies they MUST be rehomed via us as per our contract of sale.

CORONAVIRUS UPDATE  Due to lockdown easing we are pleased to be able to conduct personal viewings in our home whilst adhering to the Rule of Six and the use of face masks, social distancing and copious amounts of hand sanitiser!  We can also conduct virtual visits for those shielding and vulnerable if required via Zoom, WhatsApp or Facetime.    Puppies will  be health checked and microchipped by our vet before leaving.