Puppy Availability 2019-10-14T07:55:59+00:00


No puppies are available or litters expected as at October 2019.  As soon as puppies are expected we will open a waiting list.

Please note the following.

We do not home puppies to full time workers.  There MUST be someone at home most of the day to care for a puppy and that person should be willing to engage with this.  The family member undertaking the care and training of the puppy must come to view please.

If you have children under 5 please think very carefully about whether you can manage a young puppy.  If you have always had dogs in the family then that’s fine, but if not, be sure you know what you are taking on and the problems that may arise if both puppy and babies are not carefully supervised.

Puppies will be £1500 in 2020.

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